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24x7 Network Monitoring

Manage & Monitor Network 24/7 With Our Network Operation Center

24x7 NOC monitoring service for all your servers, routers, switches, and other network devices - carried out via our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC).

Do not have the right tools or the dedicated and trained man-power to keep an eye round-the-clock on the monitoring alerts? Require technical experts monitoring your server's availability, network traffic, disk space, server services? Need to reduce downtime for your servers and network devices?

Filtering hundreds of server alerts, researching issues, troubleshooting and fixing problems can be a daunting exercise in any IT environment. Yet the job must be done. Server, network downtime and its high associated costs impact both productivity and ROI.

ByteNOC is a network performance monitoring and server monitoring service delivered from our state-of-the-art Global Network Operations Center (NOC) in India. Our NOC monitoring solutions ensure all your servers and relevant services are running. We proactively safeguard your critical IT infrastructure by continuously monitoring alerts to identify incidents. We install our monitoring agents on your machines, watch all alerts as they come in, and proactively escalate and deal with problems before they become a major issue.



Agent-based monitoring for active and passive checks
Platforms Supported

Platforms Supported

Everything under Windows and Linux environments
Polling Frequency

Polling Frequency

Checks performed at a frequency of every 5 minutes


Automated alerts and manual verification before escalation
Filtering and Escalation

Filtering and Escalation

Automated incident alerts and manual verification before escalation


Server or service restarts and datacentre escalations

Proactive Monitoring

Monitor your IT systems so that proactive actions can be taken to prevent problems

Custom Solutions

Support for setting up probe servers when IT assets are behind firewall

Reduce Costs

Outsource at fraction of the cost of having your own Network Operations Center

Better Insights

Get the expertise and experience of our Network Operations Center, resulting in a quicker resolution

Informed Decisions

Better SLA targets based on run-books for your networks

Pay As You Go

Subscription based pricing means better budgeting of your IT costs
Our monitoring services can effectively keep an eye on the availability and performance monitoring of the following:
  • Network devices like firewalls, switches, routers, etc.
  • Servers running Windows or Linux platforms and roles like web server, mail server, database server, custom applications and more.
  • Website or URL monitoring
We are not a ping/port check monitoring company but in fact our monitoring is more deep and advanced. It is a very high end, comprehensive, managed monitoring service which is built and customized using Nagios. Moreover, we just do not forward the alerts but in fact engage professional and certified NOC engineers who vet each alert and get in to action to resolve the same. No more wake up calls when your server goes down. We will reboot the server and/or coordinate with your datacentre to get the services back up and running.

Our software can also restart failed services safely and automatically if desired and configured.
We offer a subscription model and the pricing is based upon the total number of devices and metrics we monitor for you. There is a one-time setup fee.

We understand that many organisations have strict security in place. When your IT assets are behind a firewall and cannot be directly probed by our monitoring hosts, we suggest setting up a secured probe server inside your network. It is this probe server which will poll your network and then only send the result sets to our global monitoring hosts.

No, currently we do not provide support for mobile devices.

We will install and configure our agents in the devices that need to be monitored. Warnings and alarms can be sent to email addresses or to your own trouble ticket system. We will also modify alert threshold settings at your request. In case of any events, we shall inform you, try and restart the services, reboot the server or connect with your datacentre if . Please do note that each alert received will be first verified by our NOC engineers before it is escalated or acted upon.

If a service is down we will action the alerts to restore access and if the entire server or device is offline we will contact your data centre to request a reboot on your behalf.

Our NOC software platform in engineered and built internally over NAGIOS – which is one of the best open source platforms available for IT infrastructure monitoring. Our primary and failover network cores are fully redundant network architecture, hosted in carrier-class facilities. Access control, CCTV surveillance, multiple ISPs, online UPS, and backup diesel generators provide for secure and uninterrupted operations.

No, but we have an extensive trouble-ticketing system offered once again on a subscription model (SaaS) by the name of ByteASSIST. This is a private label help desk system which can be extended to your clients. Click here for more information.

Ownership and personalised touch. We own everything around which we provide our services. We own our company, we own the technology and most importantly we own up to our mistakes (if we make them). Integrity and honesty are our prime fundamentals and we live by them.

24x7 Network Operations Monitoring Plan

Monitoring technology Agent based Agent based
Check frequency 5 Minutes 5 Minutes
Service coverage 24x7 24x7
Monitoring failover support Check Check
Automated email alerts Check Check
Multiple email contacts Check Check
Configurable notifications Check Check
Alert monitoring and filtering by NOC team Check Check
Remote reboot/restart Check Check
Follow run-books procedure for networks - Check
Datacenter escalations (Email/Ticket/Phone) Check Check
Basic monitor PING PING
URL, port, service and performance monitors Any 10 checks in total Any 15 checks in total
SNMP monitors
(No agent )
Check Check
Mail server queue monitoring
(Popular mail servers)
- Check
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