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Protect, Backup, And Recover With Our Cloud Services

Cloud Backup Platform that focuses on simple setup and operation, total reliability, and easy management for lower total cost of ownership which allows you to remotely backup to a separate geo-location online.

Ideal for any infrastructure, whether real or virtual. A highly durable cloud storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical data storage.

In today's high-tech world of sneaky spyware and venomous viruses, every business, small or big, is in more danger of data loss than ever before. Backing up data is vital for every businesses. For complete protection, one must not only back up locally but offsite as well. Those who don’t, run the risk of losing information that can cause a major crisis or worse; lead to business failure and financial ruin.

Data backup is about protecting your data's future. It's not a question of will you lose your data-IT’s WHEN. Whether it's a catastrophic event, such as an earthquake, fire, flood, or the more common virus attacks, hard-drive crash; your systems run the risk of losing vital business data. When this happens! you can either grieve at your loss OR simply restore your data with our cloud backup services. The benefits are numerous: increased efficiency, peace of mind, affordability – just to name a few.

Ensuring security, we store your data in a professionally managed data center, means it is given the proper care and attention it needs – redundant disk arrays, temperature controlled environments, backup power generators and more. If you’re worried about prying eyes, you don't need to be. Your files are encrypted before they leave your systems and stay encrypted on cloud servers.

AES 256 bit encryption

AES 256 bit encryption

Our backup platform meets strict business compliance regulations, all backup data is military grade secure, using AES 256 bit encryption.
Secure And Standards

Secure And Standards Compliant

Fully HIPAA & PCI compliant, keeping information confidential.
Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server

Backup and restore Microsoft Exchange Server, using Microsoft VSS Writers to make complete snapshots and then backup only the changed or new data.
Microsoft SQL server

Microsoft SQL server

Backup and restore Microsoft SQL server databases, the backup software utilizes Microsoft VSS Writers to make differential block backups.
Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Backup and restore Microsoft Outlook user accounts with ease. Simply select the users Outlook PST file and the backup software will take care of the rest.


Our backup service uses intelligent deduplication of files and data, eliminating repeating data sets or files from the backup set, maximizing efficiency and storage.

Zero-Config Install and Instant Restore

Backup agent install makes it simple to deploy and configure online backup. It can be installed on your server infrastructure, whether physical, virtual or cloud.


Simple monthly subscription plan, allowing you to easily get going with no long-term commitments required. Scale up and out without massive investment.

99.999999999% Durability

Highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage.


99.99% Availability

The storage platform redundantly stores data in multiple facilities and on multiple devices within each facility.

Microsoft Windows

Runs on all Supported Windows versions.


Protection against Ransomware

Backup is the best option against ransomware. Get Improved data protection and security.

Our Cloud Backup Services Plans & Packages

Standard plan

Allows to backup 1 device. Ideal for individuals/organizations who might have lesser number of devices to backup but need wide storage options for backup space.

Particulars Unit Monthly Costs
Back up agent 1 INR 600.00 per device
Particulars Space Monthly Costs
Cloud Storage 100 GB INR 450
250 GB INR 1050
500 GB INR 1950
1000 GB INR 3600
2000 GB INR 6000
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* Devices that can be backed up include Server, VPS, Desktops and Laptops

* No long term contracts. Scale up/down devices and/or storage, as per your needs.

Premium plan

Allows to backup up to 10 devices. Ideal for individuals / organizations who might have multiple devices to backup, but looking to backup more of sensitive or critical data

Particulars Space Monthly Costs
Cloud Storage 250 GB INR 900
500 GB INR 1800
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*Devices that can be backed up include Server, VPS, Desktops and Laptops

*Above costs include the Backup agent charges for 10 devices

*No long term contracts. Scale up/down devices and/or storage, as per your needs.

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